Player (RSO 1977)

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Player are: J.C. Crowley, Peter Beckett, Ronn Moss, John Friesen, Wayne Cook

Producers: Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter

Drums: John Friesen, Jack White
Guitars: J.C. Crowley, Peter Beckett, Reed Kailing, Jay Lewis
Bass: Ronn Moss
Keyboards: J.C. Crowley, Wayne Cook
Synthesizer: J.C. Crowley, Wayne Cook, Michael Omartian
Sax: Jim Horn
Percussion: Gary Coleman
Lead and Background Vocals: J.C. Crowley, Peter Beckett, Ronn Moss

1. Come on out
    2. Baby come back
    3. Goodbye (that's all I ever heard)
    4. Melanie
    5. Every which way
    6. This time I'm in it for love
    7. Love is where you find it
    8. Movin' up
    9. Cancellation
   10. Tryin' to write a hit song