Danger Zone (RSO 1978)

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Player are: J.C. Crowley, Ronn Moss, John Friesen, Peter Beckett

Producers: Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter

Drums: John Friesen
Guitars: J.C. Crowley, Peter Beckett
Bass: Ron Moss
Keyboards: J.C.Crowley, Bob Carpenter, Wayne Cook
Synthesizer: Bob Carpenter, Bill Cuomo
Percussion: Steve Forman
Lead Vocals: J.C. Crowley, Peter Beckett
Background Vocals: J.C. Crowley, Peter Beckett, Ronn Moss

1. Love in the danger zone
    2. Silver lining
    3. I just wanna be with you
    4. Forever
    5. I've been thinkin'
    6. Prisoner of your love
    7. Join in the dance
    8. Wait until tomorrow
    9. Let me down easy