Spies of Life (RCA 1981)

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Player are: Peter Beckett, John Friesen, Miles Joseph, Rusty Buchanan

Producer: Dennis Lambert

Drums: John Friesen
Guitars: Peter Beckett, Miles Joseph, Jay Lewis
Bass: Rusty Buchanan
Keyboards: Gabriel Katona
Synthesizer: Gabriel Katona, Gary Wright, Dennis Lambert
Percussion: John Friesen, Steve Forman
Lead Vocal: Peter Beckett
Background Vocals: Miles Joseph, Rusty Buchanan, Tom Kelly, Tom Funderburk

1. If looks ould kill
    2. Some things are better left unsaid
    3. Thank you for the use of your love
    4. It only hurts when I breathe
    5. My mind's made up
    6. I'd rather be gone
    7. Take me back
    8. My survival
    9. Born to be with you
   10. In like Flynn