Pure Prairie League

Can't Hold Back (RCA 1979)

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Pure Prairie League are: Billy Hinds, Mike Reilly, Vince Gill, Michael Connor, Patrick Bolen

Producers: Ron Albert and Howard Albert

Drums: Billy Hinds
Guitars: Vince Gill, Patrick Bolen
Bass: Mike Reilly
Keyboards: Michael Connor
Sax: David Sanborn
Lead and Background Vocals: Mike Reilly, Vince Gill, Patrick Bolen

1. I can't hold back
    2. I can't believe
    3. Rude rude awakening
    4. White line
    5. Misery train
    6. Restless woman
    7. I'm goin' away
    8. Jerene
    9. Livin' it alone
   10. Fool fool
   11. Goodbye so long