Pure Prairie League

Firin' Up (Casablanca 1980)

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Pure Prairie League are: Billy Hinds, Mike Reilly, Vince Gill, Michael Connor, Jeff Wilson

Producer: John Ryan

Drums: Billy Hinds
Guitars: Vince Gill, Jeff Wilson
Bass: Mike Reilly
Keyboards: Michael Connor
Synthesizer: Gary Mielke
Sax: David Sanborn
Lead Vocal: Vince Gill
Background Vocals: Mike Reilly, Vince Gill, Jeff Wilson, Janis Gill, Kristine Arnold

1. I'm almost ready
    2. Give it up
    3. Too many heartaches in paradise
    4. She's all mine
    5. You're my true love
    6. Let me love you tonight
    7. I can't stop this feelin'
    8. Lifetime of nighttime
    9. I'll be damned
   10. Janny Lou