Puzzle (Motown 1973)

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Puzzle: John LiVigni, Anthony Siciliano, Robert Villalobos, Joseph Spinazola, Lawrence Klimas, Ralf Rickert

Producer: Bob Cullen

Drums: John LiVigni
Bass: Anthony Siciliano
Guitars: Robert Villalobos
Keyboards: Joseph Spinazola
Percussion: John LiVigni
Sax: Lawrence Klimas
Trumpet: Ralf Rickert
Lead Vocals: John LiVigni
Background Vocals: Anthony Siciliano, Robert Villalobos

1. On with the show
    2. Lady
    3. You make me happy
    4. Never gonna leave again
    5. The grosso
    6. Brand new world
    7. Suite delirium
    8. It's not the last time
    9. Don't know where I'm gonna be today