The Second Album (Motown 1974)

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Puzzle: John LiVigni, Anthony Siciliano, Robert Villalobos, Joseph Spinazola, Lawrence Klimas, Ralf Richert

Producer: Bob Cullen

Drums: John LiVigni
Bass: Anthony Siciliano
Guitars: Bobby Villalobos, Ralf Richert
Keyboards: Joseph Spinazola
Percussion: John LiVigni
Sax: Larry Klimas
Trumpet: Ralf Richert
Lead Vocals: John LiVigni

1. You took me wrong
    2. Mary, Mary
    3. State of mind
    4. Everybody wants to be somebody
    5. Haiku
    6. My love
    7. Now that you love me
    8. Concept of her
        a) Prelude
        b) A moment's rest
        c) Visions
    9. N.Y.C.