Ray Kennedy

Ray Kennedy (ARC 1980)

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Producer: David Foster

Drums: Rick Shlosser, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird
Bass: Kim Kesterson, Mike Porcaro, Bob Glaub
Guitars: Steve Lukather
Piano: David Foster, Jack Conrad, Jai Winding
Synthesizer: David Foster
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Jack Conrad, Tommy Funderburk, Venette Gloud, Paulette Brown
Horn Arrangements: Jerry Hey

1. It never crossed my mind
    2. Isn't it time
    3. Just for the moment
    4. Can't seem to find the time
    5. My everlasting love
    6. You oughta know by now
    7. Sail on sailor
    8. Starlight
    9. Let me sing you a love letter