Rick Rhodes

Indian Summer (Polystar/Beverly 1995)

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Japan cover                                 Europe cover

Producer: Chieli Minucci

Drum Programming: Steve Skinner
Keyboards: Rick Rhodes, Steve Skinner, Chris Nelson
Synthesizers: Steve Skinner
Piano: Don Gruisin
Guitars: Chieli Minucci
Bass: Brian Bomberg
Percussion: Steve Reid
Sax: Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Jay Beckenstein, Boney James
Horns: Ron Kink, Nick Lane, Bob Sheppard, Bill Armostrong
Background Vocals: Lynne Scott, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin

1. Unconditional love
   2. Deep in the night
   3. Hold me
   4. I on u
   5. Eurotica
   6. Hostage of love
   7. Indian summer
   8. Here comes another fool
   9. King of hearts
  10. Touch of heaven