Robbie Dupree

Smoke and Mirrors (Polystar 1995)

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Producers: Tom Mark and Robbie Dupree

Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: Tony Levin, Carl Adami
Guitars: Jeff Pevar, John Hall, Larry Hoppen
Keyboards: Rich Chudacoff, Harvey Jones, Debbie Lan, David Sancious
Percussion: Dean Sharp, Bashiri Johnson
Flute: Bill Harris
Background Vocals: Larry Hoppen, Debbie Lan, Ann Lang, Donna Lewis, Tim Lawless

    1. The hurting game
    2. Miracle mile
    3. Real world
    4. Truly amazing
    5. Month of sunday
    6. Smoke and mirrors
    7. Person to person
    8. Wings
    9. I don'r mind
   10. The long goodbye