Like a Brother (Transparent 2000)

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Producers: Phil Galdston with Beckley-Lamm-Wilson

Drums: Sammy Merendino, Jimmy Hunter, John Van Eps
Bass: Jason Scheff
Guitars: Michael Thompson, Gerry Beckley, Carl Wilson, Jeff Mironov, Bruce Gaitsch
Keyboards: Phil Galdston, Robert Lamm, John Van Tongeren, Tom Hammer, John Van Eps
Percussion: Michael Fisher
Sax: Timmy Cappello
All Vocals: Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm, Carl Wilson

1. Today
    2. Fel the spirit
    3. I wish for you
    4. Run don't walk
    5. Watching the time
    6. Life in motion
    7. Sheltering sky
    8. They're only words
    9. Without her
   10. Like a brother
   11. Standing at your door
   12. Blue afetr all
   13. In the dark