Robert Lamm

Subtlety & Passion (Blue Infinity 2003)

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Producers :Robert Lamm, Hank Linderman

Drums: Tris Imboden, Jonathan Mitchell
Bass: Hank Linderman, Jason Scheff, Greg Eicher
Guitars: Robert Lamm, Hank Linderman, Marty Grebb, Keith Howland, Chris Pinnick
Keyboards: Robert Lamm
Horns: Nick Lane, Lee Loughnane, Larry Klimas, Walt Parazaider, Jimmy Pankow
Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Hank Linderman, Marty Grebb, Gerry Becley, Timothy B. Schmit

1. I could tell you secrets
   2. Somewhere girl
   3. The mistery of moonlight
   4. Gimme gimme
   5. Another sunday
   6. For you, Kate
   7. It's always something
   8. Intensity
   9. You're my sunshine everyday
  10. You never know the story
  11. It's a groove, this life