Ronney Abramson

Stowaway (True North 1977)

Producer: Fred Mollin, Matthew McCauley

Bass: Dennis Pendrith
Drums: Jørn Andersen
Guitar: Bob Mann, Ronney Abramson,
Don Potter, Bruce Cockburn, Ron Dann
Piano: John Capek
Matthew McCauley
Percussion: Fred Mollin
, Matthew McCauley
Horns: Gary Morgan, Moe Koffman, Pat LaBarbera, Russ Little
Backing Vocals: Matthew McCauley, Fred Mollin, Fran McKendree

    1. Your Love Gets Me Around
    2. Moon's Memory/Sometime
    3. Long Lonely Winter
    4. S-T-O Please
    5. Baby Brown Eyes
    6. Two Faces Of Woman
    7. As Time Sneaks By
    8. Never Seem To Get Along Without You
    9. Song For Canaan
   10. The Best Friend I've Ever Known