Ronney Abramson

Jukebox Of Paris (True North 1978)

Producer: Fred Mollin, Andrew Hermant

Drums: John Andersen,
Allan Schwartzberg, Terry Clarke
Bass: Tom Szczesniak, Rick Homme
Guitar: Bob Mann, Brian Russell, Ronney Abramson, John Tropea, Fred Mollin, Ron Dann, Don Potter
Piano: Jonathan Goldsmith, Doug Riley, John Sheard, John Capek
Doug Riley
Synthesizer: Gary Gray

Percussion: Gary Gray, Andrew Hermant, Fred Mollin
Saxophone : Earl Seymour
Horns: Moe Koffman, Guido Basso, Earl Seymour, Rob McConnell

Special Guest Appearance: David Clayton Thomas
Background vocals: Bob Yeomans, Terry Black, Paul Booth,
Fred Mollin, Bruce Dees, Rob Galbraith

    1. Trouble
    2. Sweet Love In Your Eyes
    3. Where Are We Going
    4. Walking Me Home
    5. He Needs You Anyway
    6. Beggar On Fire
    7. Jukebox Of Paris
    8. Rocking Your Way Through School
    9. A Million Miles Away
   10. Wake Me This Time
   11. Light Up Your Love