Better Late Than Never (RCA 1976)

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Rosie are: David Lasley, Lynn Pitney, Lana Marrano

Producers: Genya Ravan & Harvey Goldberg

Drums: Andy Newmark, Rick Marotta, Charles Collins, Chris Parker
Guitars: Lance Quinn, Jeff Mironov, Jerry Friedman
Bass: Bob Babbitt, Anthony Jackson
Piano: Ralph Schukett, Leon Pendarvis
Harmonica: Michael Chimes
Horns: Joe Farrel, David Taylor, Tom Malone, Marvin Stamm, John Gatchell, Randy Brecker, Mike Brecker, Ronald Cuber, Arnie Lawrence
All Vocals: Rosie

1. Roll me through the rushes
   2. The knockout kind
   3. Pick up your heart
   4. Blind man's pearl
   5. Safe harbor
   6. Late bloomer
   7. London blues
   8. Dixie hobo queen
   9. Walk in grace
  10. Danny's ditty
  11. Ole man trouble