Last Dance (RCA 1977)

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Rosie are: David Lasley, Lynn Pitney, Lana Marrano

Producer: Michael Kamen

Drums: Charles Collins
Guitars: Cornell Dupree, Henry Gross, David Spinozza, Jeff Mironov
Bass: John Siegler, Harold Anderson
Piano: David Lasley
Keyboards: Mac Rebennack, Michael Kamen
Sax: David Sanborn, Peter Ponzol
Percussion: Michael Mainieri
Horns: George Young, Lew Del Gatto, Ronnie Cuber, Alan Rubin, Sam Burtis, Dave Taylor
All Vocals: Rosie

1. The world don't matter
   2. Back on the street again
   3. Out of pawn
   4. There's a song in it somewhere
   5. Last dance of summer
   6. The angel in me
   7. Missin'
   8. Mississippi baby
   9. Dancin' on the rivers
  10. Run that movie back
  11. I see home