Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Rags To Rufus (ABC 1974)

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Rufus are: Chaka Khan, Dennis Belfield, Andre Fisher, Kevin Murphy, Al Ciner, Ron Stokert

Producers: Bob Monaco & Rufus

Drums: Andre Fisher
Guitars: Al Ciner
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Organ: Kevin Murphy
Keyboards: Ron Stokert
Percussion: Andre Fisher
Lead Vocals: Chaka Khan, Ron Stockert
Background Vocals: Chaka Khan, Dennis Belfield, Al Ciner, Andre Fisher, Ron Stokert, Kevin Murphy

1. You got the love
    2. I got the right street
    3. Walkin' in the sun
    4. Rags to Rufus
    5. Swing down chariot
    6. Sideways
    7. Ain't nothin' but a maybe
    8. Tell me something good
    9. Look through my eyes
   10. In love we grow
   11. Smokin' room