Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Ask Rufus (ABC 1977)

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Rufus are: Chaka Khan, Bobby Watson, Andre Fisher, Kevin Murphy, Tony Maiden

Producer: Rufus

Drums: Andre Fisher
Guitars: Tony Maiden, Ron Wood
Bass: Bobby Watson
Keyboards: Kevin Murphy, David Wolinski
Percussion: Andre Fisher, Milt Holland
Horns: Tower of Power Horn Section
Lead Vocal: Chaka Khan
Background Vocals: Chaka Khan, Tony Maiden, Bobby Watson

1. At midnight (my love will lift you up)
    2. Close the door
    3. Medley:
            Slow screw against
            The wall
            A fry
    4. Earth song
    5. Everlasting love
    6. Hollywood
    7. Magic in your eyes
    8. Better days
    9. Egyptian song