Rufus & Chaka Khan

Street Player (ABC 1978)

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Rufus are: Chaka Khan, Bobby Watson, Richard Calhoun, Kevin Murphy, Tony Maiden, David Wolinski

Producers: Rufus and Roy Halee

Drums: Richard Calhoun
Guitars: Tony Maiden
Bass: Bobby Watson
Keyboards: Kevin Murphy, David Wolinski
Percussion: Richard Calhoun, Tony Maiden, Bobby Watson
Horns: Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, William Reichenbach, Larry Williams
Lead Vocal: Chaka Khan, Tony Maiden
Background Vocals: Chaka Khan, Tony Maiden, David Wolinski, Richard Calhoun

1. Street player
    2. Stay
    3. Turn
    4. Best of your heart
    5. Finale
    6. Blue love
    7. Stranger to love
    8. Take time
    9. Destiny
   10. Change your ways