Numbers (ABC 1979)

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Rufus are: Bobby Watson, John Robinson, Kevin Murphy, Tony Maiden, David Wolinski

Producers: Rufus and Roy Halee

Drums: John Robinson
Guitars: Tony Maiden
Bass: Bobby Watson
Keyboards: Kevin Murphy, David Wolinski
Percussion: John Robinson, Everett Bryson
Horns: Chuck Brooke, John Erwin, Bob Greve, Dave Grover, Bill Lamb
Lead Vocal: Tony Maiden, David Wolinski
Background Vocals: Tony Maiden, David Wolinski, Helen Lowe, Lalomie Washburn, Maxayn

1. Ain't nobody like you
    2. You're to blame
    3. Keep it together (declaration of love)
    4. Dancin' mood
    5. Red hot poker
    6. Don't you sit alone
    7. Bet my dreams
    8. Pleasure dome
    9. Are we?
   10. Life in the city