Rufus & Chaka Khan

Masterjam (MCA 1979)

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Rufus are: Bobby Watson, John Robinson, Kevin Murphy, Tony Maiden, David Wolinski, Chaka Khan

Producer: Quincy Jones

Drums: John Robinson
Guitars: Tony Maiden
Bass: Bobby Watson
Keyboards: Kevin Murphy, David Wolinski
Percussion: John Robinson, Louis Johnson, George Johnson
Horns: Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Lew McCreary, Gary Grant, Larry Hall
Lead and Background Vocals: Chaka Khan, Tony Maiden

1. Do you love what you feel
   2. Any love
   3. Heaven bound
   4. Walk the roadway
   5. Live in me
   6. Body heat
   7. I'm dancing for your love
   8. Masterjam