Seal in Red (Warner Bros. 1983)

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Rufus are: Bobby Watson, John Robinson, Kevin Murphy, Tony Maiden, David Wolinski, Ivan Neville

Producer: George Duke

Drums: John Robinson
Guitars: Tony Maiden, Michael Sembello
Bass: Bobby Watson
Keyboards: Kevin Murphy, David Wolinski, George Duke
Percussion: John Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Charlie Loper, James Pankow, Ernie Watts
Lead Vocals: Ivan Neville, David Wolinski, Tony Maiden
Background Vocals: Ivan Neville, David Wolinski, Tony Maiden, Kevin Murphy, Patti Austin, Lynn Davis

1. Take it to the top
    2. The time is right
    3. When I get over you
    4. You turn me all around
    5. You, the night and the music
    6. Blinded by the boogie
    7. I'm saving this love song
    8. You're really out of line
    9. Distant lovers
   10. No regrets