Stephen Sinclair

A+ (United Artists 1977)

sinclair77 (7053 byte)

Producer: Joe Falsia

Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Ed Greene
Guitars: Joe Falsia, Fred Tackett
Bass: David Hungate, Jeff Eyrich
Piano: Bill Payne, Joey Carbone, Jai Winding, Wayne Cook
Keyboards: Wayne Cook, John Herron
Percussion: Gary Coleman
Horns: Steve Madaio, Dennis Christianson, John Kelson, John Mitchell, Jim Horn
Background Vocals: Jimmy Gilstrap, Augie Johnson, Velma Thompson, Sunsray Tucker, Linda Laurence

1. Back down
    2. Don't let go
    3. Fingertip away
    4. You won't see me cry
    5. Real thing
    6. Dreamin'
    7. We can make it
    8. Lady I love
    9. Mean to be
   10. Taking me by surprise
   11. Rescue me