Stevie Woods

Take Me to Your Heaven (Ariola 1981)

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Producer: Jack White

Drums: Ed Greene Ndugu Chancler, Keith Forsey, Mike Baird, James Gadson
Bass: Nathan East
Guitars: Stevie Woods, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather, Paul Jackson Jr., Charles Fearing, Tim May
Keyboards: Greg Mathieson, Clarence McDonald
Synthesizers: Michael Boddicker, Greg Mathieson
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Chuck Findley, Gary Herbig, Ernie Watts, Larry Hall, Bill Reichenbach
Background Vocals: Marty McCall, Bill Champlin, Stephanie Spruill, Tom Kelly, Julia Tillman, Maxine Willard, Oren Waters, Luther Waters

1. Fly away
    2. Just can't win 'em all
    3. Take me to your heaven
    4. Steal the night
    5. Through the years
    6. Wanna' be close to you
    7. Read between the lines
    8. Throw a little bit of love my way
    9. Gotcha