Stevie Woods

The Woman in My Life (Cotillion 1982)

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Producer: Jack White

Drums: Ndugu Chancler, Ed Greene
Bass: Fred Washington, Cornelius Mims
Guitars: Stevie Woods, Charles Fearing, Paul Jackson Jr., Marlo Henderson
Keyboards: Clarence McDonald, Ronald Coleman
Synthesizers: Michael Boddicker
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Lofton Gray
Sax: Ernie Watts
Horns: Oscar Brashear, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, George Bohannon, Alan Kaplan, Fred Wesley, Jim Horn, Fred Jackson
Background Vocals: Christy Light, Maxine Willard, Stephanie Spruill, Phyllis St. James, Julia Tillman, Darlene Love, Oren Waters, Luther Waters, Donny Gerrard

1. The woman in my life
   2. Love you back to sleep
   3. The other way around
   4. In way over my heart
   5. Never gonna let you go
   6. Ladies of the 80's
   7. Into the light
   8. When love goes right
   9. Can't keep it lit
  10. One love to live