Sweet Comfort Band

Hold On Tight (Light 1979)

Producer: Tom Stipe

Bass: Kevin Thomson
Drums: Rick Thomson
Guitar: Randy Thomas, Richie Furay
Keyboards: Bryan Duncan, Tom Stipe
Percussion: Alex MacDougallAlto
Saxophone: David Hlebo
Horns: Seawind Horns
Backing Vocals: Richie Furay, Tom Stipe
Vocals: Rick Thomson, Randy Thomas, Bryan Duncan

1. Hold On Tight   
    2. Take It - Save It   
    3. Falling Star   
    4. You're The One   
    5. Angel   
    6. Chasin' The Wind   
    7. Don't Tell Me You Love Me   
    8. Undecided   
    9. Carry Me   
   10. More Than You Need   
   11. Find Your Way