Check It Out (Capitol 1974)

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Tavares are: Feliciano, Antone, Perry, Arthur and Ralph Tavares

Producer: Johnny Bristol

Drums: James Gadson
Bass: James Jamerson
Guitars: Dean Parks, Melvin Ragin, David T. Walker
Piano: Joe Sample
Keyboards: Michael Melvoin
Percussion: Gene Estes
Conga: Bobbye Hall
All Vocals: Tavares

1. If that's the way you want it
   2. Strangers in dark corners
   3. That's the sound that lonely makes
   4. Check it out
   5. Wish you were with me Mary
   6. I'll never say never again
   7. Little girl
   8. Let's make the best of what we got
   9. I'm in love
  10. Mama's little girl