Madam Butterfly (Capitol 1979)

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Tavares are: Feliciano, Antone, Perry, Arthur and Ralph Tavares

Producer: Bobby Martin

Drums: Gaylord Birch, Melvin D. Webb
Bass: David Shields
Guitars: Steve Erquiaga, Benorce Blackmon
Keyboards: Ron Kersey, Len Ron Hanks
Percussion: Melvin D. Webb
Horns: Maurice Spears, Tom McKintosh, Linda Small, Grover Mitchell, Oscar Brashear, John E. Roberts
All Vocals: Tavares

1. Straight from your heart
   2. Games, Games
   3. Madam Butterfly
   4. Let me heal the bruises
   5. Never had a love like this before
   6. One telephone
   7. My love calls
   8. Positive forces
   9. I'm back for more