Love Uprising (Capitol 1980)   

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Tavares are: Feliciano, Antone, Perry, Arthur and Ralph Tavares

Producer: Benjamin Wright Jr.

Drums: Nate Nebelett
Bass: James Jamerson
Guitars: David Williams, Paul Jackson Jr.
Keyboards: John Barnes, Ronnie Coleman, Benjamin Wright Jr.
Synthesizer: Paul Smith
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Gary Coleman
Horns: Donald Myrick, Fred Jackson, Herman Riley, Nolan Smith, Oscar Brashear, Robert Bryant, Garnett Brown, Louis Satterfield, George Bohanon
All Vocals: Tavares

1. Only one I need to love
   2. Break down for love
   3. Love uprising
   4. Loneliness
   5. Knock the wall down
   6. Hot love
   7. Don't wanna say goodnight
   8. Do you believe in love
   9. She can wait forever
  10. In this lovely world
  11. Life time of love