Loveline (Capitol 1981)

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Tavares are: Feliciano, Antone, Perry, Arthur and Ralph Tavares

Producer: Alan Abrahams

Drums: Kenny Elliott
Bass: Nathan East
Guitars: Charles Fearing, Paul Jackson Jr, Buzzy Feiten, Elliot Randall
Keyboards: Laythan Armor
Synthesizers: Kashif Saleem, Michael Lewis
Percussion: Alan Abrahams
Sax: Ernie Watts
All Vocals: Tavares

1. Keep on
    2. Turn out the nightlight
    3. Better love
    4. God bless you
    5. Touché
    6. Loveline
    7. Don't want to fool you
    8. House of music
    9. Right back in your arms again
   10. Right on time