New Directions (RCA 1982)

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Tavares are: Feliciano, Antone, Perry, Arthur and Ralph Tavares

Producers: Kenny Nolan, Jay Senter, Ric Wyatt, Benjamin Wright Jr.

Drums: John Robinson, Melvin Webb, Ric Wyatt, Ndugu Chancler
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus, Cornelius Mims, Freddie Washington
Guitars: Paul Jackson Jr., Charles Johnson, Charles Fearing, Marlo Henderson
Keyboards: Bill Meyers, Ric Wyatt, Clarence McDonald, Benjamin Wright Jr.
Synthesizer: Rick Kelly, Ian Underwood, Ric Wyatt, Benjamin Wright Jr.
Percussion: Mike Fisher, Paulinho Da Costa
Sax: Johnny Washington
Horns: Bobby Loya, Bobby Navarrete
All Vocals: Tavares

1. A penny for your thoughts
   2. I hope you'll be very unhappy without me
   3. Mystery lady
   4. Abra-ca-dabra love you too
   5. Got to find my way back to you
   6. Maybe we'll fall in love again
   7. The skin you're in
   8. Wanna be close to you