The Byrds

Untitled (Columbia 1970)

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Producer: Jim Dickson, Terry Melcher

Bass: Skip Battin
Drums: Gene Parsons
Guitar: Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Roger McGuinn
Synthesizer: Roger McGuinn
Vocals: Gene Parsons, Clarence White, Roger McGuinn

    1. Lover Of The Bayou
    2. Positively 4th Street
    3. Nashville West
    4. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star
    5. Mr. Tambourine Man
    6. Mr. Spaceman
    7. Eight Miles High
    8. Chestnut Mare
    9. Truck Stop Girl
   10. All The Things
   11. Yesterday's Train
   12. Hungry Planet
   13. Just A Season
   14. Take A Whiff
   15. You All Look Alike
   16. Well Come Back Home