The Flying Burrito Bros.

The Gilded Palace Of Sin (A&M 1969)

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Producer: Henry Lewy, Larry Marks, The Flying Burrito Bros

Bass: Chris Ethridge
Drums: Eddie Hoh, Jon Corneal, Popeye Phillips, Sam Goldstein
Guitar: Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons
Piano: Chris Ethridge
Keyboards: Gram Parsons
Steel Guitar: Sneeky Pete
Lead Vocals: Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons
Backing Vocals: Chris Ethridge

1. Christine's Tune
    2. Sin City
    3. Do Right Woman
    4. Dark End Of The Street
    5. My Uncle
    6. Wheels
    7. Juanita
    8. Hot Burrito #1
    9. Hot Burrito #2
   10. Do You Know How It Feels
   11. Hippie Boy