Toby Beau

More Than a Love Song (RCA 1979)

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Toby Beau are: Danny McKenna, Rob Young, Balde Silva, Steve Zipper, Ron Rose

Producer: Daniel Moore and Norbert Putman

Drums: Rob Young
Bass: Steve Zipper
Guitars: Danny McKenna, Ron Rose, Balde Silva
Harmonica: Balde Silva
Percussion: Rob Young
All Vocals: Toby Beau
Other Musicians: Steve Gibson, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogden, Larrie Londin, Jon Goin, Jack Willima, Victor Feldman, Farrell Morris, Bill Cuomo, Gale Lavant, Ron Frederick

1. Dream girl
    2. It must have been the moonlight
    3. Then you can tell me goodbye
    4. You and I should be forever
    5. Look for the light
    6. High roller
    7. I just wanna love you
    8. Boogie woogie melody
    9. She used to be mine
   10. Alright now