Toby Beau

If You Believe (RCA 1980)

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Toby Beau is: Balde Silva

Producer: Jerry Fuller

Drums: Steve Turner
Bass: Joe Chemay
Guitars: Billy Joe Walker, Balde Silva
Piano: John Hobbs, Larry Muhoberac
Synthesizer: John Hobbs, Larry Muhoberac
Organ: John Hobbs
Percussion: Steve Turner, Bob Zimmitti
Harmonica: Balde Silva
Sax: Ernie Watts
Background Vocals: Joe Chemay, Balde Silva

1. Could it be love
   2. If I were you
   3. One needs another
   4. If you believe
   5. Ships in the night
   6. Little Miss American dream
   7. Give me a sign
   8. You caught me with my love down
   9. As far as I can see
  10. My dream lover