Tony Sciuto

Be My Radio (Cool Sound 1999) recorded in 1981

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Producers: Steve Dorff and Tony Sciuto

Bass: Michael Sciuto, Michael Porcaro
Drums: Kegley, Steve Warehime, Ron Tutt, Ed Greene
Keyboards: Gary Griffin, Bill Cuomo
Guitars: Mike Taylor, Steve Lukather, Tommy Rotella, Ben Benay
Sax: Dave Fairrall, Paul Soroka, Tom Scott
Flute: Jim Horn
Background Vocals: Venetta Fields, Ginger Blake, Shirley Mathews, Jeff Pescetto

   1. Secrets (In The Night)
   2. Feel My Love
   3. Be My Radio
   4. Gimme A Sign
   5. Showdown
   6. Let's Start All Over Again
   7. M'Lisa
   8. Take A Chance
   9. Next To Love
  10. Island Nights <Alternate Mix> (Bonus Track)
  11. Trapeze <Alternate Mix> (Bonus Track)
  12. Angel <Alternate Mix> (Bonus Track)