Tower of Power

Oakland Zone (SPV 2003)

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Tower of Power: Mike Bogart, Adolfo Costa, Jeff Tamelier, Emilio Castillo, Roger Smith, Francis Rocco Prestia, Stephen Kupka, Tom Politzer, Larry Braggs, David Garibaldi

Producers: Emilio Castillo

Drums: David Garibaldi
Bass: Rocco Prestia
Guitars: Jeff Tamelier
Keyboards: Roger Smith
Percussion: David Garibaldi
Horns: Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Mike Bogart, Adolfo Costa, Tom Politzer
Lead Vocals: Larry Braggs, Emilio Castillo
Background Vocals: Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Jeff Tamelier, Roger Smith

1. Eastside...
    2. Give me your love
    3. Get what you want
    4. Could've done it better
    5. This type of funk
    6. Pocketful of soul
    7. Remember love
    8. Oakland zone
    9. Life is what you make it
   10. Happy 'bout that
   11. Stranger in my own house
   12. Back in the day
   13. Page one
   14. ...Eastside
   15. Nothing like it (Europe bonustrack)