Tower of Power

Power (Cypress 1987)

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Tower of Power: Emilio Castillo, Steve Kupka, Greg Adams, Francis Rocco Prestia, Willie Fulton, Ellis Hall, Lee Thornburg, Richard Elliot, Mick Mestec

Producer: Emilio Castillo

Drums: Mick Mestec
Bass: Francis Rocco Prestia
Guitars: Willie Fulton, Ellis Hall
Keyboards: Ellis Hall
Horns: Emilio Castillo, Greg Adams, Steve Kupka, Lee Thornburg, Richard Elliot
Lead Vocal: Ellis Hall
Background Vocals: Emilio Castillo, Greg Adams, Willie Fulton, Lee Thornburg

1. Baby's got the power
    2. Credit
    3. Some days were meant for rain
    4. Boys night out
    5. Ball and chain
    6. Through lovers' eyes
    7. Count on me
    8. On the one
    9. Up against yourself