Tower of Power

T.O.P (Epic 1993)

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Tower of Power: Emilio Castillo, Russ McKinnon, Stephen Kupka, Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg, Carmen Grillo, Rocco Prestia, Nick Milo, Tom Bowes

Producer: Emilio Castillo

Drums: Russ McKinnon
Bass: Rocco Prestia
Guitars: Carmen Grillo
Keyboards: Nik Milo
Percussion: Russ McKinnon
Sax solo: Lenny Pickett, Brandon Fields
Horns: Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg
Lead Vocals: Tom Bowes, Emilio Castillo, Carmen Grillo
Background Vocals: Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Greg Adams, Carmen Grillo

1. Soul with a capital "S"
    2. It all comes back
    3. Please come back (to stay)
    4. The real deal
    5. Come to a decision
    6. Cruise control
    7. The educated bump part I
    8. Mama lied
    9. Quiet scream
   10. I like your style
   11. You
   12. Soul of the boulevard
   13. Come on with it
   14. The educated bump part II