Tower of Power

Rhythm Business (Epic 1997)

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Tower of Power: Emilio Castillo, Herman Matthews, Stephen Kupka, Bill Churchville, Barry Danielian, John Scarpulla, Jeff Tamelier, Rocco Prestia, Nick Milo, Brent Carter

Producers: Emilio Castillo

Drums: Herman Matthews
Bass: Rocco Prestia
Guitars: Jeff Tamelier
Keyboards: Nik Milo
Percussion: Herman Matthews, Lenny Castro
Sax solo: Brandon Fields
Horns: Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Bill Churchville, Barry Danielian, John Scarpulla
Lead Vocals: Brent Carter, Emilio Castillo
Background Vocals: Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Jeff Tamelier

1. So I got to groove
    2. Crazy for you
    3. East bay way
    4. Unconditional love
    5. You do the math
    6. The more you know
    7. Recapture the magic
    8. What's your trip
    9. Rhythm and business
   10. Don't knock me down
   11. That was then and this is now
   12. It really doesn't matter
   13. Spank-a-dang