Turley Richards

West Virginia Superstar (Epic 1976)

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Producers: Ron Bledsoe and Troy Seals

Jesse Boyce, David Briggs, Johnny Christopher, Dan Haerle, Teddy Irwin, Shane Keister, Tim Krekel, Jack Lane, Kenny Malone, Norbert Putman, Donald Sanders, Chuck Smith, Reggie Young
Background Vocals: Turley Richards, Lea Jane Berinati, Ginger Holladay, Janie Fricke, Charnissa Butts

1. I will (mp3)
   2. Happy (mp3)
   3. New ray of sunshine
   4. Love is on the line
   5. Going home
   6. West Virginia superstar
   7. From dust to blood
   8. Play me
   9. Reflections of me and you
  10. What does it mean in the end