Turley Richards

Therfu (Atlantic 1979)

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Producer: Turley Richards

Drums: Mick Fleetwood, Kenny Malone
Guitars: John Goin, Reggie Young, Steve Gibson, Danny Ferguson, Paul Worley, Todd Sharp, Turley Richards
Bass: Jack Williams, Bob Welch
Keyboards: David Briggs, Tom Snow, Jay Gruska
Synthesizers: Shane Keister
Percussion: Farrell Morris
Sax: Bill Jones, Roger Williams
Background Vocals: Turley Richards, Marie Tomlison, Cindy Richardson, Ava Aldrige

1. You might need somebody (mp3)
   2. All over the world
   3. When I lose my way (mp3)
   4. Baby please don't go
   5. Climb up the steeple
   6. Stand by me
   7. I'm comin' back home (with a little bit of luck)
   8. Can't yoe hear them Crying
   9. It's all up to you
  10. There's all up to you