Valentine (RCA 1977)

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Valentine: Robin Garb, Jody Giambellucia, Bill Ring, Frank Stallone, Bob Tangrea

Producer: Tony Camillo

Drums: Bill Ring
Bass: Jody Giambellucia
Guitars: Frank Stallone, Bob Tangrea
Keyboards: Robin Garb
Percussion: Bill Ring
Vocals: Frank Stallone, Jody Giambellucia

1. I just don't know
    2. Light of my life
    3. I've got it
    4. Send your love
    5. Take you back
    6. Here I am
    7. Tonight, tonight
    8. So sad to break up
    9. Just another lonely day
   10. Madame blue
   11. Angel voice
   12. There's a need