Vapour Trails

Vapour Trails (Warner Bros. 1979)

vapourtrails (8094 byte)

Vapour Trails: John McBurnie, Andy Dalby, Phil Curtis

Producers: Larry Carlton and Vapour Trails

Drums: John Ferraro, Steve Holly
Bass: Phil Curtis
Guitars: John McBurnie, Andy Dalby
Keyboards: Brian Mann, John McBurnie, William Smith, Michael Omartian, Dave Rose, Dave Benoit
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Andy Dalby
Harmonica: John McBurnie
Sax: Mel Collins, Tom Scott
Lead Vocal: John McBurnie
Background Vocals: Vivienne McAuliffe, Betsy Cook, Bill Champlin

1. Do the bossa nova
    2. Don't worry baby
    3. Night people
    4. True love
    5. It's alright
    6. Slow dancing
    7. Modern love
    8. Non merci
    9. Hold on to something good
   10. Throw down the dice
   11. Falling