Voudouris & Kahne

There's a Secret Goin' On (Capitol 1975)

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Producer: Rick Jarrard

Drums: Ron Tutt
Bass: Emory Gordy
Guitars: Roger Voudouris
Keyboards: David Kahne
Synthesizer: David Kahne
Percussion: Victor Feldman
Sax: Mike Butera
All Vocals: Roger Voudouris, David Kahne

1. There's a secret goin' on
   2. Lying to me you (mp3)
   3. Take your music to the people
   4. Good friend of mine
   5. Run Eddie run
   6. I only wanted to know your name
   7. Time is love (mp3)
   8. Sidney (mp3)
   9. Beautiful love between beautiful people
  10. Rock me baby
  11. I'll come ridin'