Waters (Warner Bros. 1977)

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Waters: Luther Waters, Maxine Willard, Oren Waters, Julia Tillman

Producers: Steve Barri and Michael Omartian

Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Ed Greene
Bass: Scott Edwards
Guitars: Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr.
Keyboards, Arp: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Victor Feldman
Trumpets: Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio
Woodwinds: Nino Tempo, Fred Seldon
All Vocals: Waters

   1. The Other Side Of Midnight
   2. I Just Wanna Be The One (In Your Love)
   3. What Am I Doing Wrong
   4. One Good Reason
   5. If There's Away
   6. Could It Be The Magic
   7. Party, Party
   8. We Can Change It
   9. Peace At Last