The Waters

Watercolors (Arista 1980)

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The Waters: Luther Waters, Maxine Willard, Oren Waters, Julia Tillman

Producers: David Rubinson, Luther and Oren Waters

Drums: Nate Neblett, James Gadson, David Straughter
Bass: Wayne Douglas, Robert Russell, Victor Conte
Guitars: John Rowin, Tony Drake, Louis Russell, Ray Obiedo
Keyboards: John Barnes, Ernest Straughter, Michael Stanton, Oren Waters
Synthesizer: John Barnes
Percussion: Sheila Escovedo
Sax: Don Myrick
All Vocals: Waters

1. Dance with me
    2. Heart lead the way
    3. I can make you smile
    4. Throw a little bit of love my way
    5. Party people
    6. Come to me
    7. Dance the night away
    8. Let him prove it