Wendy Waldman

The Main Refrain (Warner Bros. 1976)

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Producer: Peter Bernstein

Drums: David Kemper, Michael Botts
Bass: Kenny Edwards, Peter Bernstein
Guitars: Andrew Gold, Waddy Wachtel, Wendy Waldman, Steve Cropper
Piano: Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman, David Foster
Organ: Jai Winding
Percussion: Andrew Gold, King Errisson, Milt Holland
Horns: Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Don Menza, Jay Migliori
Background Vocals: Linda Ronstadt, Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards

1. Eagle and the owl
   2. The main refrain
   3. Soft and low
   4. Is he coming at all
   5. West coast blues
   6. Goodbye summerwind
   7. Prayer for you
   8. The frenchman
   9. Living is good
  10. Back by fall