Wendy Waldman

Which Way to Main Street (Epic 1982)

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Producer: Eddie Kramer

Drums: Harry Stinson
Bass: John Regan
Guitars: Wendy Waldman, Mark Goldenberg, Peter Frampton
Piano: Wendy Waldman
Keyboards: Mark Goldenberg
Synthesizer: Mark Goldenberg
Percussion: Harry Stinson
Background Vocals: Wendy Waldman, James House

1. Heartbeat
   2. We'll see in the end
   3. X-ray eyes
   4. You said it wasn't me
   5. Time like your wire wheels
   6. Fighting it out in the heart of the city
   7. Lovin' you out of my life
   8. Gotta get over you
   9. Does anybody want to marry me
  10. Which way to main street