William D. Smith

A Good Feelin' (Warner Bros. 1976)

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Producer: Allen Toussaint

Drums: Herman Ernest
Bass: David Barard
Guitars: Leo Nocentelli, Steve Hughes
Piano: Wlliam D. Smith
Organ: James Booker
Keyboards: Allen Toussaint
Percussion: Alfred Roberts, Kenneth Williams
Horns: Lon Price, Carl Blouin, James Roberts, Michael Pierce, John Longo, Steve Howard

1. I'll be rolling (with the punches)
    2. Down the back stairs (of my life)
    3. We flew away
    4. I feel so good with you (baby)
    5. Harmony junction
    6. We all wanna boogie
    7. I apologize
    8. What am I to do (if you say goodbye)
    9. Fooled ya
   10. Take your pick (do your trick)